Dayenu is a Hebrew word that
means “enough”

This aptly describes the nature of our business:

Only giving you the best product
and service we can,
would be enough.

By being compact enough to act responsively, but large enough to get the job done. Dayenu Mining Consultants was established in 2017 as a world-class provider of project management and consulting services to the mining and minerals industry. The company is particularly proud of the value it has added to the diverse list of projects it has been involved in.

We always strive to operate responsibly and safely, while enhancing sustainability by assessing the economic, social and environmental risk and benefits in every decision.

Dayenu Mining Consultants was founded in 2017, recognising the expanding needs of both the Mining Majors and Minors.

We have extensive experience in mining operations, planning and mining project management obtained through years of experience in operations and in the design office.

This experience has given us exposure to projects from inception through to execution, commissioning and operational phases. We have fulfilled roles as mine managers, engineering managers, owner’s representatives and project managers which has provided valuable insight into the performance and risk imperatives of projects and the products thereof.

Through strategic partnerships we are able and capable to service all mining projects and studies.

Our combined offering is accredited, affiliated and registered with: