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Welcome to Dayenu Mining Consultants


Dayenu Mining Consultants was founded in 2017, recognising the expanding needs of both the Mining Majors and Minors.

We have extensive experience in mining operations, planning and mining project management obtained through years of experience in operations and in the design office.

More about us

Learning is the source of all knowledge and experience the key to unlocking it. As represented by our logo, our team’s wide-range collective experience includes gold (yellow), PGM’s (grey), manganese (red) and diamonds (blue). Additionally, our experience includes amongst others, chrome, copper, iron ore and nickel.

Dayenu Mining Consultants specialises in:

Mining Engineering and Planning



Mine Design and Scheduling to optimise and simulate business objectives.


Onsite Planning.

Project Management



Mining Engineering in both green and brown field environments, in collaboration with our engineering partners, Construction Management (EPCM) and Turnkey projects (EPC).




Life-of-mine studies, Scoping, Concept, Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility studies, Due Diligence studies, Turn Around strategies, Simulations and specialist consulting.


Management mentoring, assistance and training

Our combined offering is accredited, affiliated and registered with: